Who am I in a nutshell..

Who am I in a nutshell? I am a thirty something UI designer, born and raised in India in an era when everything seemed so far away. Despite that I started my journey of exploring and learning from a very early age. I am proud of what I have achieved so far and also highly ambitious for the future. Here is some more things about me.

How long have I been a designer?

I have been designing since 1996 when I joined architecture program.

What would I be doing if I weren’t a designer?

I think I would be a farmer. I love plants and one day after I retire I will go back to my country and start farming.

What are my other interests and hobbies ?

I like crafting, gardening and playing with actuators and sensors to create innovative products. One of the fun projects that I created back in school was, a smart mailbox that can send you an email notification when the postman drops your mail in the mailbox. Another one was a robotic bug that runs after you if you come near it. I also made a device to help people wake up in the morning without disturbing their sleeping pattern.

Who is my favorite designer?

I like Frank O Gehry, his grotesque designs are innovative. His design for Walt Disney Concert Hall is awe-inspiring. The material and technology used in his designs are amazing.

What one thing do very few people know about me that might surprise them about me?

Well, there are a lot of things that you might be surprised to know about me. When I was a kid I had a peacock as my pet. I named him "Ghungroo", meaning "Anklet". We never restrained him, he was free to wander around the house and loved kids. I spent a lot of time with him in our garden. He would rush and jump on my hand whenever he would see me.

Thank you for visiting my website!