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Marketing page resedign PayPal Inc

Redesign marketing page for merchants.


Artifacts: Visit live site

The old marketing page was less optimized for scanning. In the usability study users went back and forth between pages to understand the product. User also looked for key information like fees, ease of integration and examples of site that were using the same product. However, users were overwhelmed by the amount of information on the site and could not find the key information to motivate them to signing up for the product. Furthermore users liked the video demo on the site, but some user had a hard time to find it as it was buried inside the content.


Based on the research findings I created this new layout template that can be used for all the different PayPal products. The most important things we wanted on this page were a clear description of the product with three selling points and then a prominent call to action always present above the page fold. Next, a very well organized container to present the most important information like pricing, integration documents and features.


This new design has performed very well and the merchant acquisition has increased several folds year over year. Also, the clear single template has helped in redesigning all the other marketing pages quickly while maintaining design consistency.