easyMed is an intelligent Smart Home agent designed to increase medication compliance. In addition to the home and portable dispensers, the easyMed reminder system is instantiated on several everyday items, such as wristwatches and key chains. easyMed provides three levels of support inside and outside of the home:

  1. status indication for when people need to determine if they took their medication
  2. proactive prevention for helping people avoid situations where they would find themselves without their medication
  3. active notification for helping people remember to take their medication when daily routines change

easyMed was created by:
  - Dave Knight
  - Lalatendu Satpathy
  - Ruth Wylie

This process book outlines the design process we used to go from a blank slate to user research to a final solution.

Interface and Interaction Design | Spring 2007
Human-Computer Interaction Institute | Carnegie Mellon University