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RFID Assistance System

for Faster Book Search in Public Libraries


Duration: Four weeks,Interactive Media Project at Mississippi State University.
Year: 2005
Artifacts: Full paper | Poster

Every time I go to the university library either I have to get a printout or write it down the the alpha numeric character on a piece of paper. Then it would take me over 15 minutes to find the right book and I have to repeat the same process if I need another book. Again, if the book is misplaced or someone has taken it for reading it becomes a nightmere.


So, I proposed this RFID assistance system using existing technology and devices to enable faster book search, information overlay, and check out in a public library. The system uses an interactive graphic interface contrary to the conventional alpha numeric character systems used in the Dewey Decimal or the Library of Congress system currently used in public libraries.


We set up an analog version of the proposed system to compute accessibility as well as response times. The survey also lists responses to the usability of such a system for library search and check out.

The graph shown below is a result of the user study with n=17. In this study the participants were asked to search for books in three different menthods. First the participant was asked to find a book using the conventional library congress system of book search. The diamond points show how much time each subject took to find a book using the first method. In the second method (square points) the subject was asked to find another book using a PDA and a graphical interface with color coding. In the third method (triangular points), the same graphical interface was used but instead of the PDA, a paper print out was used. In the 4th study (circular points) PDA was used once again to adjust for the learning curve of the subject.